Istvan Kerekes, EFIAP/d2 – Hungary

Istvan Kerekes was born in 1977 in Marosvásárhely.  He lives in Mosonmagyaróvár – western Hungary. His pictures have been shown in more than 65 countries, on 6 continents, and he won over 1300 prizes and awards, in international and national photo contests. From 2012 he takes part continuously in different international and national photo contests like jury member or like the president of the jury. With his most valuable photo, Yelena he won 300 prizes in 43 countries / 6 continents.

From 2017 holder of the EFIAP/diamond2 distinction

– from 2016 holder of the EFIAP/diamond1 distinction
– the FIRST Hungarian who received the EFIAP/platinum distinction (2012) and A-MAFOSZ/platina distinction (2016)
– World’s youngest photographer holder of the EFIAP/p., EFIAP/d1. and EFIAP/d2.
He is am member of MAFOSZ – www.mafosz.hu

His personal web page: http://kerekesistvan.com/menu-page/


Miljenko Marotti, EFIAP/p- Croatia

Miljenko Marotti was born on 27 February 1948 in Rijeka. He finished his studies and specialized in medicine at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

He became interested in photography as a student, but only later on, when he joined Fotoclub Zagreb in 2002, he seriously devoted himself to photography. That was also the time he started exhibiting his work. He is now known as one of Fotoclub Zagreb’s most successful members, who took a leading role in the expansionary development of artistic (exhibition, authorial, unconventional) photography.

His 600 photographs have been accepted to the Salon of Photography under FIAP’s patronage 1700-times and so far he has received 85 awards for his amazing work.

Marotti was also honored with the Excellence FIAP Platinum title by the International Federation of Photographic Art (EFIAP/p) and the 1st order Master title by the Croatian Photographic Union. Besides, he is Fotoclub Zagreb’s most successful author and the winner of the “Tošo Dabac” prestigious award bestowed by Fotoclub Zagreb.


Vinko Šebrek, AFIAP, ESFIAP- Croatia

Vinko Šebrek was born on 17 January 1941 in the village of Šebreki in Karlovac in Croatia. After finishing primary school in his native place he continued education at Industrial School in Karlovac (up to 1960). From Karlovac the path led him to study in the Military Air Force Academy in Zadar. After completing studies at the Military Aviation Academy (1965), he served as air officer of the various units and Air Force headquarters in many countries of the former Yugoslavia and Croatia (up to 2005).

 With artistic photography deals for over 50 years (since 1958).At the beginning he was member of Photo Club Karlovac, then in other photographic organizations in different cities of the former Yugoslavia. From 1974 to 1984, he was president of Photo Cinema Club Brežice, 1997-2010 Photo Club Zagreb. At the heart of his creative professions is expressive and documentary photography of various motifs of urban and natural landscapes, architecture, “life” photos to portraits, nudes and abstract photography. His photography is exhibited in over 100 group exhibitions and on 85 juried international exhibitions artistic or expressive photography. He has prepared more than 40 individual photographic exhibitions Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, England, Indonesia, Austria, Romania and India. He deals with writing technical articles, impressions, views and expert reviews in the press, photographic newspapers, on websites and in catalogs of group and individual exhibitions. He participated in the writing and design of five monographs in the Photo Club Zagreb.

 For exceptional results in the organization of photographic societies and associations and other social activities is gripped several senior republican medals and various social recognition, plaques and praises. Divided him with three artistic titles: MFFKZ – Master Photographer of Photo Club Zagreb (2008), AFIAP – Artiste Photographer of the International Federation of Photographic Art (2012) and ESFIAP -Excellence for Services Rendered to FIAP (2012). He is a member of the Executive Board in Photo Club Zagreb, the Executive Board of the Zagreb Photo and Cinema Federation, Croatian Photographic Union and FIAP-The International Federation of Photographic Art. He is an honorary member of the six photographic clubs in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Romania and Honorary President of Photo Club Zagreb.