FIAP SILVER MEDAL in section Monochrome with photography THE FOG

FIAP SILVER_Anica_Zupunski_RS_The fog_web

Jury member VINKO ŠEBREK wrote about photography:

With this photography the author has proved she’s familiar with technical and creative possibilities of photography. With creative procedures and knowledge of the expressive means in photography she has created an impressing photography. Its features are the good choice of motives, the best standing position, good composition, contents and skillful usage play of light. Its feature is shown also in the author’s excellent feeling for surfaces relations, creation of chiaroscuro technics by using natural source of light coming from the side and illuminates the fence as the central motif. By using these means she makes it appear more rhythmical and the photography appears more graphical.

Also Anica told us a few words about herself:

I was born in Zrenjanin in 1946, studied medicine in Sarajevo, and then worked as a doctor in Novi Sad where I live with my family now. I’m member of Photo Association of Serbia since 2006. I participated in over 200 group exhibitions at home and abroad, won several awards, and had a solo exhibition in Novi Sad in 2009. In 2012, the Photo Association of Serbia awarded me with the title “first class photographer”. That same year I met the conditions for the AFIAP title. Since 2014 I am the bearer of EFIAP title. In 2013, I was one of the 10 most active authors in the Photo Association of Serbia. Everyday research, training in all sectors is what connects the beauty in all of us immensely.

In the gallery below you can see more Anica’s photos:

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