FIAP GOLD MEDAL in section NATURE for photography LOVE XXL


Jury member PETAR SABOL wrote about photography:

Mr. Čufar’s photography in its manifestation, reflects extraordinary aesthetic beauty and perfection. His perception of nature motives fills us with a special interest and curiosity about his work. While mating, the frogs seem calm and completely harmonized with the laws of nature. The photography radiates author’s respectful awareness of this magical moment. The composition is precise, performed very harmonically, and just grabs our attention with its simplicity and clearness. Before we even know it, our eyes are hypnotically drawn to the enchanting reflection of the forest from the frog’s eyes. This just proves the high technical value of the photograph yet again. The colours are very well adjusted and simply lift the whole impression to a new level. This gives us the opportunity to admire the photograph longer.


Also Aleksander told us a few words about himself:

I’ve participated in exhibitions all around the world and won over 450 awards. In 2003 I received the EFIAP bronze title, the EFIAP silver in 2010, and the EFIAP gold in the following year. I became the first photographer honoured with the EFIAP platinum in Slovenia in 2012. I am also a member of the prestigious Photographic Society of America – PSA, where I won the PPSA – proficiency title in 2005, and the EPSA – Excellence title in 2011. I have arranged 25 solo exhibitions, most of them in Slovenia, but also some in Austria and Czech Republic. The Photographic Federation of Slovenia (FZS) awarded me with the “Janez Puhar” award for outstanding achievements in the field of photography in 2006, and the title Master of photography FZS in 2009. I am a member of the Artistic Board in FZS since 2013.

In the gallery below you can see more Aleksander’s photos:

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  • 3_Wood-E44_Aleksander Cufar