HUIB LIMBERG/Netherlands

FIAP BRONZE MEDAL in section Water with photography A BIT CLOSER

Huib_Limberg_NL_A bit closer 2_59_web

Jury member PETAR SABOL wrote about photography:

Mr. Limberg’s photograph strikes us as a very gentle, but playful piece. His perception of water varies from most of the other authors, which is why his photograph stands out in this category. The grass stems are covered in shining water drops, and that creates a kind of water bubble-effect, or bokeh, as a result of light refraction and their out of focus positions. The composition is very well done, reflecting freshness and vitality. A common natural phenomenon is depicted in a very unique way that immediately grabbed our jury’s attention.

Also Huib told us a few words about himself:

I was born in 1944 and my wife and I live in Soest, a village in the centre of the Netherlands. Already since the 70th I have become a very enthousiastic free-time photographer. Selftought that time analogue as well digital nowadays. I work themetically with an absolute preference for aestetic and creative photography. I give myself an assignment and will not stop unless I think I got everything out of this assignment!
Not necessary to tell that I was very proud to hear – in 2006 – that my portfolio “Mo(nu)ments of Rest” was honoured with the MFIAP-title!
The images you can see here are some examples of my latest assignment: macro. Due to a knee-operation I bought myself a macrolens ( Nikor 2,8/105mm ) because in that case I should be able to continue my photography during the rehabilitation-time in and around my home/garden I thought! 2 years later now I can say that “the world has changed”…..!
What one can see in the micro/macro photography is unbelievable: the bokeh, the unsharpness in the background has touched me! Hardly every buttonpress by me is frontlight: see for example the FIAP-bronze awarded in the 1st Pannonia Reflections “A bit closer 2_59”: what do you think if I had used backlight…..!?

In the gallery below you can see more Huib’s photos:
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