Marcel Van Balken – Best author of Pannonia Reflections 2024

The best author of 10th PANNONIA REFLECTIONS 2024 is Marcel Van Balken from the Netherlands with 17 accepted photos!

Marcel van Balken MFIAP- EFIAP/d3- MPSA- PSA GALAXY 9 (PIDC) – PSA GALAXY 2 (PIDM) – PSA 5*   (PTD) – PSA 4* (PJD) – PSA 4* (NTD) – PSA 5*(PPDC) – PSA 5* (PPDM) – RISF1/2/3 – T-FB – BMK – ELDAF – HonFKU – FAPU HM TPAS – GM.APS

Marcel van Balken is a self-taught photographer from the Netherlands with more than 40 years of experience in the world of photography.

Marcel van Balken is known for his conceptual photography, meaning he creates images that convey an idea or message rather than simply representing reality.
His work is often abstract and leaves room for interpretation, making it interesting to look at. He has a distinct visual style, likes to play with light and shadow, often creating an almost surrealistic atmosphere.

For Van Balken, photography goes beyond simply capturing moments; it is a form of art in which he creates his own images and photographs each subject himself with attention to detail. What stands out in his work is the conceptual approach to photography. He focuses on specific themes, including architecture, surrealism, street photography and fine art.

During his career, Marcel has accumulated an impressive array of recognitions, with more than 10,000 acceptances and 1,500 international photography awards. His fame reaches worldwide and includes prestigious competitions and salons such as Prix de la Photographie Paris, Siena International Photo Award and International Color Awards.

He has earned the titles of MFIAP and EFIAP/d3, accredited by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), and received the award of Master of Photography (MPSA) from the Photographic Society of America (PSA). He has also been recognized by the Dutch Photographic Society (BMK) for his exceptional work.

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