FZS GOLD MEDAL in section Water with photography ICE


Jury member IVO BORKO wrote about photograpy:

The author’s prudent framing, low angle of the shot and the use of long exposure, which obscures the water’s movement, results in a cold and dramatic capture of what seems to be the North Sea. The dreary, bleak effect is enhanced with the heavy clouds, and the colours being reduced to a very narrow spectrum. Paradoxical. The only remotely optimistic element of the photograph is the ice in the middle, confronted with the crashing waves. Will it stand? Will we?

Oscar told us a few words about himself:

Photography has attracted me since I can remember. Photos of infinite sunsets made me think about whether I would be able to be a photographer myself, so six years ago I decided to give it a try and bought my first digital SLR. Since this day I keep looking for magical corners to shoot photographs, try to improve and learn new techniques. I think there is always something to learn.
Since these days I´m growing as a photographer, slowly but constantly. The award at the Pannonia Reflections 2014 is proof that my work is heading in the right way, and I keep working for the future.
The type of photography that most captivated me have always been the landscape. Trying to show the greatness of what I see in one picture is my challenge every time I pick up my camera. New friends showed me that landscape photography is also possible at night, and that opened my eyes to another world. Since then I share trips looking for gorgeous colors in sunsets and sunrises, and in the middle we hunt incredible night landscapes scenes.
I believe in photography is a way to expressing what light conveys, these things that words can not express. I am satisfied if I can get someone to watch one of my photographs for a few seconds abstracted keeps the mind elsewhere.
You can view Oscar’s full photo gallery on this link: http://www.oscarsimon.com/

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