FIAP BRONZE MEDAL in section Monochrome with photography THE PRISON SHELL

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Jury member VINKO ŠEBREK wrote about photography:

With this photography the author has shown her gift, ideationalism, artistic skillfulness and expressiveness in a clear and accurate way.  An inventive selection of the motif, an excellent scene, correctly arranged constructive elements and a good selection of the the standpoint angle give this photography a high artistic value. She has chosen an aesthetic and symbolic narrative creative approach.

By emphasizing the rhythm (repetition) and the form (deformed elliptic circles) she has given an aesthetic priority to this photography. With a correct design of the photographic picture she has created the harmony of artistic elements and the unity of an artistic whole of the shot. An excellent sharpness reached by the correct selection of a closed shutter and a short timing and with a masterful conversion into a black and white technique shows her technical expertise and skillfulness.

Her inspiring postscript to the photography should also be praised as she has described in her own words what the picture reveals and what it hides. What we can see is a modern glass and aluminium architecture with an image of a girl in the third quarter of the photography set on one of the construction circles of the architecture. What we cannot read between the lines is her ambiguous symbolic and metaphoric meaning. The author unveils one with this postscript.

Also Rodica told us a few words about herself…

I discovered photography almost two years ago and from that moment it became my every moment passion, the joy and suffering that fills my life. I love people and I enjoy to photograph them and their stories. I love the beauty of nature and I photograph landscapes, preferring long exposure wich gives me the oportunity to contemplate and “breathe” the view.

What inspires me most? The shapes, lines, volumes touched by light and shadow, equilibrium, balance, the perfect dialogue between them, as well as powerful contrasts. I see them everywhere around, in common things, in structures and architecture… making me vibrate with emotion.

Each of these scenarios around impresses me deeply and almost instantly is becoming the pretext of a personal epic speech and I try express it…and myself…in a photo.

…and about the photo:

A glass and aluminium wall, shot at the “golden hour” of a summer day, was the pretence of this photo. As soon as I saw it in B&W, shining fragile and pearly, I wanted it transformed in a shell, a shell bearing a black pearl. And what pearl more beautiful, more vibrant, more alive can exist than a woman? The contemporary woman, emancipated and yet prisoner in a world of prejudices, a man’s world.This is in short the story of “The prison shell”, my tribute/homage to the modern woman.

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