Ruslan Bolgov – Best author of Pannonia Reflections 2018

Best author of PANNONIA REFLECTIONS 2018 is Ruslan Bolgov from Lithuania with 17 accepted photos and one award!

My name is Ruslan Bolgov and I’m located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Could call myself as a professional photographer, though actually, photography is most like a hobby, while having other full time job. In any case, photography is truly the passion of my life (since almost 5 years now), starting from shooting landscapes and cityscapes, portrait and fashion photography and further to some nude and art conceptual projects. My main gear is Canon (1Dx and 6D as main “working horses” with a quite wide range of lenses), but also use LEICA, SONY and FUJI depending on idea, location and lighting condition, etc. 
My style could be well described as follows: 
“A harmonious world, often made of female figures whose charm captivates the most viewers. The “essences” of eternal beauty: sweetness, cunning, charm, eroticism, passing with great skill by the bewitching beauty to that angelic. The images are characterized by a unique aesthetic, bathed in natural light, with warm and vibrant colors that enhance the timeless appeal of women, the protagonists of great art and a means of eternal emotions. Enchanting not only with the vision of ethereal portraits but also with spectacular scenery … to be admired, where space, where getting lost in a blaze of light and color.”
  • Ice-soldiers---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Water
  • In-cage---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Portrait
  • Inosculation---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Women
  • Queen-bee---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Portrait
  • Rendezvous---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Open-Color
  • Ruslan-Bolgov_Lithuania---Climbing-high-fashion_FIAP-Honorable-mention
  • The-black-mask---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Open-Mono
  • The-face---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Portrait
  • The-ice-guard---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Water
  • The-look-from-below---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Women
  • The-stairs---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Women
  • The-storm---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Water
  • The-tales-of-two-roses---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Women
  • The-taste-of-freedom---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Open-Color
  • Trinity---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Open-mono
  • Twins-miracle---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-Portrait
  • Walking-on-the-edge---Ruslan-Bolgov,-Accepted-in-open-mono