Neda Rački – Best author of Pannonia Reflections 2020

The best author of PANNONIA REFLECTIONS 2020 is Neda Rački from Croatia with 14 accepted photos and two awards!

Neda Rački EFIAP/d1

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, and I have been photographing as an amateur for fifteen years. During this period, I participated in numerous photo competitions in Croatia and abroad, and won over 250 prizes. I acquired the honorary title of EFIAP/d1 this year.

Although I am using a digital camera for my work, my thought process during shooting is primarily based on classic black and white photography. My usual motives consist of urban scenes, people, and silence. I grew up in the city, so the city is my natural environment. Going out to the streets with my camera in hand, I look at the city’s life differently. I take its moments as they instantly turn into illusions, disappearing from reality and remaining written in my memory. These moments of intimacy, seemingly intended for my camera and me, are a gift from the city. I belong to the circle of photographers who like to capture and preserve silence, tranquility, and harmony in the hectic everyday life of the city.

Mountains are my other big passion. They display our smallness and insignificance, but our bravery and perseverance too. I have many mountain photographs. I regard them as documentary reminders of places I have visited and of the beauty I have witnessed. I determine my frame only when I catch a glimpse of somebody, and he/she is my central point. The resulting photograph is not a factual copy of nature, but rather a story about the relationship between man and nature.

Enjoy in the gallery of her awarded and accepted photos:

  • 00155-A1-002035-Art lover - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-A2-002036-Fatal encounter - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-A3-002037-Racing with the shadow - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-B2-002040-Old days - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-B3-002041-Sleepy town - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-B4-002042-Stranger - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-C4-002046-Underpressure - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-D1-002047-Cheers - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-D2-002048-Like Ibrahimovic - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-D3-002049-Lunch - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-D4-002050-Who cares - Neda Racki, Croatia
  • 00155-E2-002052-Scarecrow - Neda Racki, Croatia