FIAP GOLD MEDAL in section Water with photography MEANDER


Jury member VINKO ŠEBREK wrote about photography:

“Photography is an art. A good photographer does not show the nature as it is; he’s making a new picture of reality using proper shots and lights.” André Maurois (1885. – 1967.)

I took this popular French writer’s quote as an introduction into the interpretation and evaluation of Tomaž Lanišek’s photography “Meander”, which got maximum points by an expert jury which gives it the highest prize – the Golden FIAP Medal .

In geography and art a concept meander has a certain meaning. In geography meander stands for a winding river-bed that winds in an “S” form. In art, therefore in photography, it’s a synonym for vitality and dynamics, stability and safety, determination and freedom because of its drifts from the marked way and the mode of its flow.

Eventhough Tomaž Lasinšek’s Meander appears real, it seems to be abstract, therefor the photography of this natural phenomenon is also a motif and a symbol of high expressive (artistic), communicational (narrative) and sensual values that offer various symbolical interpretations and meanings and asks us complicated questions from the world of nature, human life and existence.

Also Tomaž told us a few words about himself:

Photography got my attention in middle school, and I’ve been shooting pictures ever since. I joined the photo club Anton Ažbe Škofja Loka in 1997, and the doors to the world of global photography were wide open. When I was younger, I had a chance to learn in photography workshops that took place in Germany. I displayed my work on photography workshops in USA. Aside from some organised independent exhibitions, I have received over 100 awards on over 300 exhibitions all around the world. I’ve also received the title Master of photography FZS in 2014, and the EFIAP/b in 2010. Photography is a way of life, and I try to colour my long working days with it whenever it is possible. To capture a special moment, which stays forever written down in history, inspires every journey. And man always travels…

In the gallery below you can see more Tomaž’s photos:

  • 1-TomazLanisek_Hope
  • 2-TomazLanisek_Smile
  • 3-TomazLanisek_Courting
  • 4-TomazLanisek_Passion
  • 5-TomazLanisek_GroundZero